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Mouseion is the Greek name for "Temple of the Muses." The muses were the personifications in the form of goddesses of the “nine fine arts"or the sciences and arts.


Throughout the Greek ancient world, you found Mouseions in many cities. The most known was: “Mouseion of Alexandria in Egypt”. According to the Greek geographer Strabo the Mouseion was situated in the royal district where were the palaces of the rulers, by the sea and included a peripatos and an exedra with seats. Also contained the Mouseion a large building with an auditorium where members had scholars and there meat. The Mouseion also provided lodging for scholars who were invited to the Ptolemaic court.


In this 'temple of the Muses' also included the famous library of Alexandria, which became the largest and most important library of the ancient world. Part of the library was a collection of various objects of the known world.


Thus the word Mouseion is the origin and synonym of the present museum that is usually described as a collection of objects exhibited in a building that can be visited by interested parties. In the Mouseion of Alexandria also could be done (the main form of research at that time) literature and could be followed by various (natural) scientists and philosophers. Colleges as such Mouseion was also an antique forerunner of today's university.