Welcome to the Library of the Muses. We are MOUSEION BOOKS.

About Us

Mouseion Books is a branch of Pjez Unik Gallery and is specialized in arts & photographic books and art magazines.

Mouseion Books also guides you if you want to make an artbook. Together we are looking for the right style and design, to the overall development of the art book. The flexible approach to customization can be supplied for each customer.

This personal approach makes Mouseion Books the ideal partner for artists, photographers, architects, museums and galleries.

Not only books and art lovers but also companies and organizations that are looking for a special gift can contact Mouseion Books. Our experience with high quality printing products and special publications in the field of visual arts, we are able commissioned exclusive books and artistic gifts

Our Editions

- Artist editions:

Each artist, gallery or museum can order the publishing (and distribution) of his own book, from design, photo reproduction to the printing. The team of Mouseion Books has years experience in the graphic en printing industry. We guarantee high quality and beautiful designed books.


- Brand editions: 

Mouseion Books publishes its own brand of books. These can have several thematics but are always art-based.